Blended Learning with Students: The Journey of Greeley-Evans School District 6



    Blended Learning with Students: The Journey of Greeley-Evans School District 6

    Posted by Kristina Clecak on Jan 16, 2017

    You may recall a few Blogs back, we wrote about our excitement and impressions at the first Annual Greeley-Evans School District 6 Summit for Learning, led by Superintendent, Dr. Dierdre Pilch. During this day, there was a distinct overview on Blended Learning in the School Site and as participants we were able to see this in action across the schools in this Colorado District. Needless to say, we were inspired, motivated and proud to see such a comprehensive clear plan that was working for students AND staff.

    Recently, I had a chance to check in on a few students and one impressive Instructional Coach for Greeley Evans School District 6, Kimberly Reynolds. Students were becoming more fluent and efficacious with their online learning environment and teachers were overjoyed with the breakdown of data reports that they were able to see instantly to inform their instruction. On this particular day, Kimberly was able to probe a bit and establish some context to their learning.


    Students of all ages and grades, in this district, are getting acclimated to Technology Advanced Items and richer depth of knowledge recall and evaluation. With such critical thinking components tied into a scaffold of resources, embedded into 21st Century Technology, the acceleration and mindset for these youngsters is one of a positive trajectory and innovative mindset for all.

    We will continue to follow the Journey of Innovation and Success with the Blended Learning Initiative of Greeley Evans School District 6 and share learnings amongst our collaborative groups. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more conversations and updates.


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    Written by Kristina Clecak

    Kristina has been in public education for nearly 20 years. Serving as Lead Principal, Equity Data Instructional Coach and Classroom teacher at various grades. Her skills set and laser-like focus of Instructional pathways, mindset and data-driven goals have been at the heart of her work. Awards winning practitioner who holds multiple Masters degrees and Nationally Board Certified & Recognized in K-12 Literacy, she is no stranger to on-going, life time learning. She will continue to say her greatest accomplishment and purpose remains with equitable and cultural responsive and enlightened instruction for ALL students. Inclusive opportunities and the greatest expectations, along with support for all students, is her daily drive. She serves as the Senior Account Manager and Educational Innovation specialist for SchoolCity, Inc and continues her passion for Student Success, Quality of Instruction and Digital Platforms that reach all Students in their learning.

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    Did you know...

    SchoolCity continues to replicate and mimic current academic technology tools and make on-going adjustments, with various Technology Enhanced Items (TEI). Thus supporting students all year round to better prepare for true mastery of all skills and standards in a given grade.
    • Constructed Response (CR Items) - Requires a written response from the students and is scored with a rubric.
    • Evidence Based Selected Response (EBSR) - Requires students to answer a two part question in which Part B provides textual evidence for the answer in Part A.
    • Explicit Constructed Response (XCR)- Requires students to type / write an exact response to a question which is then automatically scored by the system in the online assessments. (aka short answer)
    • Hot Text (HT) - Require the student to select words, phrases, or sentences within a given text to answer the question.
    • Inline Choice (IC) - Requires the student to select the correct answer from a drop down menu. Answers are automatically scored by the system.