Real-Time Data: Informing Instruction Instantly!



    Real-Time Data: Informing Instruction Instantly!

    Posted by JoJean Vicioso on Mar 06, 2017

    For years, teachers have used sticks to randomly call on students, personal whiteboards to check for understanding, and exit tickets to reflect on the day’s learning.  These formative assessment tools have become part of daily learning in classrooms around the world, and teachers have established a nearly constant feedback loop on student learning, but there is even more that can be done to support even greater achievement.

    Understanding Formative Assessment:  A Special Report appeared in the March 2nd Edition of EdWeek (  The report focuses on many aspects of formative assessment, including student self-assessment, using technology for formative assessment, and defining the different types of assessment we use with students.  As part of the piece on defining summative, interim (benchmark), and formative assessment, Catherine Gewertz interviews elementary math coach Meghan Pazmino in this video:

    In these data-rich times, teachers are still relying on formative assessment tools, techniques, and strategies that relies on observation or collecting papers to be graded at a later time.  Having real-time data is an essential element to add to their formative assessment bag of tricks, and SchoolCity’s new Assessments for Learning (AFL) can help move instruction to the next level.  With SchoolCity’s AFL online formative assessment tool, students respond to items much as they do for interim and summative assessments…



    …but teachers have the results in real time to allow for immediate feedback and the opportunity to provide immediate re-teaching/intervention based on the feedback.


    Further, teachers capture the data to allow for ongoing review of the formative assessment data, using their results to guide their instruction.  It is, after all, these instructional shifts to meet student needs that are the purpose for formative assessment.

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    Written by JoJean Vicioso

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    Did you know...

    SchoolCity continues to replicate and mimic current academic technology tools and make on-going adjustments, with various Technology Enhanced Items (TEI). Thus supporting students all year round to better prepare for true mastery of all skills and standards in a given grade.
    • Constructed Response (CR Items) - Requires a written response from the students and is scored with a rubric.
    • Evidence Based Selected Response (EBSR) - Requires students to answer a two part question in which Part B provides textual evidence for the answer in Part A.
    • Explicit Constructed Response (XCR)- Requires students to type / write an exact response to a question which is then automatically scored by the system in the online assessments. (aka short answer)
    • Hot Text (HT) - Require the student to select words, phrases, or sentences within a given text to answer the question.
    • Inline Choice (IC) - Requires the student to select the correct answer from a drop down menu. Answers are automatically scored by the system.