Reboot Your Resolutions!



    Reboot Your Resolutions!

    Posted by Kristina Clecak on Jan 02, 2017

    Reboot your Resolutions: New Year Goal Setting


    Here we are again, a New Year and New opportunity to reflect, refresh and nowadays Reboot! What a great concept after-all; Reboot! It isn’t about starting from scratch, reinventing the wheel or feeling guilty about the intentions from the previous year. In this definition, I want to define the word “Reboot” with the intention of building from current success, positives and intentions to move forward on purposeful goals. After all, we know this is a best practice for our students, as Educators we must model the way, as well. As intellectuals and professional liked-minded teachers, our “rebooting” is just that- a time to purposefully strive and thrive with intention and mindful care for ourselves and our students.

    • Reboot your personal health goals
    • Reboot your positive affirmations and intentions
    • Reboot and Rebuild relationships both in your professional and personal life
    • Reboot the countless instructional assets and digital tools you can access and utilize in your schools
    • Reboot your mindset and belief that ALL students have instrumental positive characteristics that they bring to your educational setting
    • Reboot your love of learning something new
    • Reboot your passions that you bring into the school setting

    With that being the case, how do we measure the success of our reboot? How do you measure the progress of your affirmations and intentions? Journal? Daily reflection? What data speaks to you and how often do we analyze to reflect and reboot the synergy again?

    Last week, The Associated Press released a statement from Education Secretary, John B. King, Jr, in regards to new rules on accountability and assessment. In it he stated, “Smarter assessments can make us all smarter.” Agreed. And, in many regards it is this rebooting of how each state redefines and utilizes better assessment styles and with greater predictability to ensure students are performing at their highest capability and in the right zone of proximal development. Likewise, in districts across our country we are redefining benchmarks, smaller interim assessments and more purposeful data that align to new content curriculum and those that align with more standard specific, technology advanced items. Moreover, rebooting our look at assessments, incorporating our prompt analysis and action oriented goal setting to inform instruction is on the move and becoming more stable, in general. With that being the case, I invite you to view our webinars on the reporting modules and opportunity for built-in PLC (data reflection meetings). Reboot your results in 2017.

    Lastly, I had the opportunity to view Emily Pilloton speak on Teaching Design for Change on TedTalks. I was completely motivated by her experience in supporting change in Bertie County, North Carolina and her personal motivation and intentions to create a systems change for students in the school system. This is a reboot story that has the potential to impact generations for this town. Teaching design for Change in rural Bertie County, North Carolina; Story of Reboot in Education.


    Share your comments on what your 2017 Reboots will entail.

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    Happy New Year, 2017! As always, we wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous reboot!




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    Written by Kristina Clecak

    Kristina has been in public education for nearly 20 years. Serving as Lead Principal, Equity Data Instructional Coach and Classroom teacher at various grades. Her skills set and laser-like focus of Instructional pathways, mindset and data-driven goals have been at the heart of her work. Awards winning practitioner who holds multiple Masters degrees and Nationally Board Certified & Recognized in K-12 Literacy, she is no stranger to on-going, life time learning. She will continue to say her greatest accomplishment and purpose remains with equitable and cultural responsive and enlightened instruction for ALL students. Inclusive opportunities and the greatest expectations, along with support for all students, is her daily drive. She serves as the Senior Account Manager and Educational Innovation specialist for SchoolCity, Inc and continues her passion for Student Success, Quality of Instruction and Digital Platforms that reach all Students in their learning.

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