Educators UNITE for Common Ground: SC Users' Conference Centers on Student Success



    Educators UNITE for Common Ground: SC Users' Conference Centers on Student Success

    Posted by Kristina Clecak on Feb 17, 2017

    Connection, Collaboration, Insight and Excitement were a few descriptors that evolved in Patterson, California, last Wednesday, February 15th. Not only was it the day after a sugar-infused holiday, Valentine’s Day, but a day for local Central Valley educator leaders to come together for the first, of many, collegial conversations centered around Student Success and SchoolCity’s movement to support all our schools. With a dual message of sustaining achievement for all and tailoring the needs of our customers, we opened the door for collaborative conversation that supports movement into current educational trends and needs. A breath of fresh air for so many invested in our youth.

    Feb16.1.jpg  Feb16.2.jpg

    SchoolCity’s Central Valley Users' Conference topics consisted of the following:

    • The Future of Student Success
    • Using Standard Progression to Analyze
    • New SchoolCity AFL, Assessments for Learning, / C&I modules
    • Hearing from KDS/Inspect on Editable Benchmarks, Early Literacy and Early Numeracy Assessments (New!!)
    • Napa Valley Director, Sarah Williams presentation on IAB’s, ICA’s and Importance of Claims, Targets in a Standard Based mentality.
    • Collegiality of neighboring districts working through next steps into CCSS (Modesto City, Escalon, Golden Valley, Lindsay Unified and Patterson)

    Feb16.3.png  Feb16.4.jpg

    Interested in connecting and learning with like peers in the South Bay Area?? You won’t want to miss out!

    Join us, on March 1st , where Districts will gather for their own “Bay Area SchoolCity Users' Conference.” You will not want to miss the 2:30 Presentation from Director of Napa Valley Unified School District, Sarah Williams and fellow SchoolCity Educator Customer. Coming together for a unified cause, such as Student Success with an Innovated twist-- EXACTLY what we need right now with mid-year upon us! Re-energize for the day.

    Bring a colleague, grab some SWAG, raffle giveaways and more importantly, bridge the learning on the essentials of assessments, data analysis and moving the actions forward to inform instruction. FREE for SchoolCity customers.

    Register Here


    Comments and reviews from Central Valley Users' Conference:

    • Today was full of lots of great information about SchoolCity. We need to start using the Inspect bank instead of writing our own benchmarks. Thanks so much for this day.
    • Today was really worth-while. I really appreciated the opportunity to hear how SchoolCity can really support us in our district assessments.
    • Excellent networking opportunity and learning experience. Please do more.
    • This event was great. I would love to see it take place twice a year for updates and best practices. It was well worth the wait.
    • Excellent first Central Valley Users conference...thank you for putting it together!
    • Sarah was amazing. She was able to distill decidedly complex material into something very comprehensible. I appreciated her sharing the NVUSD assessment program with us and detailing how it is used to drive instruction.
    • This was very informative in the capacity of teaching and understanding the rigor of the standard through claims and targets. I appreciated seeing how a district is using ICAs and IABs.
    • The curriculum and instruction piece is very impressive. I am excited to share it with our teachers


    Topics: Users' Conference, K-12, Education Technology, Technology, Educators, K-12 education, District, Engaging Students, school city, schoolcity, School Improvement

    Written by Kristina Clecak

    Kristina has been in public education for nearly 20 years. Serving as Lead Principal, Equity Data Instructional Coach and Classroom teacher at various grades. Her skills set and laser-like focus of Instructional pathways, mindset and data-driven goals have been at the heart of her work. Awards winning practitioner who holds multiple Masters degrees and Nationally Board Certified & Recognized in K-12 Literacy, she is no stranger to on-going, life time learning. She will continue to say her greatest accomplishment and purpose remains with equitable and cultural responsive and enlightened instruction for ALL students. Inclusive opportunities and the greatest expectations, along with support for all students, is her daily drive. She serves as the Senior Account Manager and Educational Innovation specialist for SchoolCity, Inc and continues her passion for Student Success, Quality of Instruction and Digital Platforms that reach all Students in their learning.

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