New Partnership with Measured Progress expands the range of Resources available to SchoolCity Districts



    New Partnership with Measured Progress expands the range of Resources available to SchoolCity Districts

    Posted by Alice Sneary on Apr 30, 2018
    Now partner districts can use formative assessment items and pre-built quizzes from the Measured Progress Formative Content Bank and STEM Gauge® in the SchoolCity SUITE platform. With these new resources for reading, mathematics, and science now available through this strategic partnership, educators can build common district assessments that match the level of rigor students see on statewide assessments.
     Measured Progress
    New math and ELA content: Formative Content Bank
    Measured Progress recently added more than 2,000 items to the Formative Content Bank, including more than 870 new Spanish mathematics items and 39 new English language arts (ELA) passages. The bank now includes more than 12,000 premium reading and mathematics items for grades 1–12 to support your ongoing needs for high-quality assessments. Download Formative Content Bank Brochure for additional information.
    New science content: STEM Gauge
    Measured Progress STEM Gauge® is a formative assessment tool for grades K–8 that supports classroom instruction in the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)*. STEM Gauge provides students with opportunities to demonstrate understanding of the 3 dimensions of performance expectations as instruction occurs. Available for elementary and middle school, STEM Gauge includes:
    • Topic-based item sets with 20–25 assessment questions built to NGSS Performance Expectations (PEs)
    • Teacher’s Guides with strategies for using item sets to provide evidence of students’ understanding
    • Formative Support Tools that help teachers integrate the NGSS into classroom instruction and assessment

    Download STEM Gauge Bank Brochure for additional information.

    Flexible purchase model: 1-year subscription or 7-year site license
    You can purchase the Formative Content Bank and STEM Gauge through a yearly subscription or as a 7-year site license. This gives you flexibility with budgets and purchase options.
    Certified to be standards-aligned, high-rigor assessment items
    Measured Progress content helps:
    • Students see the same level of rigor with similar item types on your district assessments built from the Formative Content Bank as they do on statewide assessments. In fact, the same professional item writers who create statewide assessments created the items available through the bank.
    • Teachers use the individual items and short quizzes called Testlets to differentiate instruction and gather evidence of student understanding.
    • Content specialists select from reading passages that are authentic. They are all selected from previously published literature, plus each passage is coded to the Lexile® Framework. Math items are dual-coded to the math practices standards, as well as to concepts and procedures.
    • District leaders know that all items are newly built to college and career readiness standards using evidence-centered design principles—never back aligned, retrofitted, or cloned. As a WebbAlign DOK® partner, Measured Progress items are certified to measure the intended constructs accurately and at the level of rigor needed for the standards.
    In short, Measured Progress items are highly effective to help you measure student learning. As you consider the possibilities for how to accelerate student achievement, there’s never been a better time to add the Formative Content Bank and STEM Gauge to your assessment program.

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    Written by Alice Sneary


    Alice Sneary is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Measured Progress, which means she is always curious about the assessment challenges faced by K–12 schools and how Measured Progress can help strategically solve them. She recently launched eMPower Assessments, a new way to measure growth for students in grades 3–8 that is connected to the SAT Suite of Assessments. Prior to Measured Progress, she worked at OCLC, the world's largest library cooperative, doing marketing and advertising. Alice is passionate about community and communication, and enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

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