What Should You Expect from Your Item Bank?  hint: More than Items!



    What Should You Expect from Your Item Bank?  hint: More than Items!

    Posted by Andrew Hensley on Apr 16, 2018
    Key Data Systems has grown, and this means more high-rigor solutions for educators around the country. An industry leader in educational psychometric services and standards-based assessment, Key Data Systems recently acquired Fluence Learning LLC and Progress Testing, Inc. The combined companies form the industry’s largest provider of K-12 formative assessment content solutions, supporting more than 12 million students across 43 states.


    Fluence Learning and Progress Testing have joined the Key Data Systems family, reinforcing the company’s pledge to provide teachers informative and accurate assessment tools to promote college and career success for all students.

    Fluence Learning provides formative support to educators nationwide for today’s College and Career Readiness Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with a high-rigor item bank, NGSS assessments and performance tasks, and preformed quizzes and tests.

    Progress Testing supports more than 300 K-12 school districts in Florida, Georgia, and Texas by providing assessment items and content designed to support each state’s specific standards and assessments, in addition to supporting College and Career Readiness Standards.

    Shannon Wells, founder and CAO of Key Data Systems, highlights the company’s mission, which is “to provide educators informative and accurate assessment tools to promote college and career success for all students.”

    Combined with Inspect®, an industry-leading item bank and suite of over 500 prebuilt assessments that combine rigor, innovation, and integrity, Key Data Systems offers a dramatically expanded suite of solutions to accommodate many districts’ needs for more high-validity items, reliable ready-made testing instruments, and, most importantly, trusted results.

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    The newly combined efforts of Key Data Systems mean more comprehensive solutions for educators and students.

    Through this growth, Key Data Systems has reinforced its pledge to providing teachers informative and accurate assessment tools to promote college and career success for all students.

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    Anne Kel-Artinian describes how Key Data Systems science questions and performance tasks can help students prepare for college and careers.

    Learn more about Key Data Systems’ suite of solutions at keydatasys.com

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    Written by Andrew Hensley

    Andrew Hensley works in marketing and communications for Key Data Systems. He has been involved in K-12 assessment for more than a decade, starting as an item writer and editor shortly after college in 2006. Hailing from a family of educators and having worked in every aspect of content development and product support, Andrew brings with him a unique and intimate knowledge of the K-12 space. He received a BS in Journalism from the University of Florida.

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