What's the Newest Thing in Personalized Learning? PRAs . . .



    What's the Newest Thing in Personalized Learning? PRAs . . .

    Posted by Pepper Williams on Jan 24, 2018

    Today, SchoolCity announces a new personalized learning tool - the Personalized Review Assignment (PRA) module - promoting a real path for students to own their own learning and assisting their educators to answer the "what now" question for K-12 formative assessment. View our exciting Press Release.

    Once we find out what students know and don't know from an assessment, what can we do to bridge the gaps shown by students’ results? And how do we solve the challenges associated with it? 

    • There are so many great review materials out there these days that finding resources relevant to the particular standards covered in an assessment can be a real challenge.
    • Evaluating each student’s results to make PERSONALIZED assignments is an even more daunting task
    • And, ideally, we'd really like to deliver relevant materials to students immediately after they've taken an assessment, rather than waiting until teachers have time to review results.

    This is where PRAs come in.

    Teachers set up their PRAs right from the final screen of the SchoolCity assessment setup process -- before any students have actually taken the assessment. A simple click of a button takes the author to the PRA setup interface, which shows the learning standards covered by the assessment. 

    "Choose Resource" for a standard allows you to search a number of learning object repositories, with search results automatically filtered to show only resources related to that standard, making it much easier to find a RELEVANT resource.

    Search OpenEd... Then SAFARI Montage... Then Khan Academy for a challenge resource.

    Upon clicking the PRA link, the system evaluates the student's assessment performance for each learning standard, and delivers the resource for the standard the student did most poorly on, followed by the resource associated with the standard the student did second-most poorly on, and so forth. 

    If the teacher chose a "challenge resource" in the PRA setup, students who performed at 100% on one or more standard will see that challenge resource, so PRAs can provide an extra challenge for high-performing students as well as remediation for those students who need the help. 

    Student Portal

    Once the PRA is set up, students see a link to the PRA on review screens after taking the linked assessment, as well as on the dashboard of the SchoolCity Student Portal. Or, a teacher can put a link to the PRA in her Google Classroom or an LMS course.

    Selected resources are then ready for student assignment.

    Assignments are then assigned to students based on their assessment performance, in order of their least to best standards performance.


    Time on each activity with a quick question upon completion identifies completion of assignment.


    This module will be available at no additional cost to all SchoolCity SUITE Partner Districts in Summer 2018. To become a beta test site this Spring, contact your account manager.

    For additional information on Personalized Review Assignments or any other part of SchoolCity® SUITE, please visit schoolcity.com or email us at info@schoolcity.com.


    About Pepper Williams

    Pepper Williams leads SchoolCity’s product development efforts. After earning his Ph. D. in Cognitive Psychology from Yale in 1996, Pepper taught at UMass-Boston for 3 years, then left academia and started designing and building educational software. He was a witness to and participant in the digital revolution in higher education over the first decade and a half of the 21st century, and is excited to help shape how digital resources will improve K-12 education in the next 15 years.

    Topics: Data Analytics, Personalize Learning

    Written by Pepper Williams

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